Novice Finals

  • TH, as the international chess federation (FIDE), W ban the use of wildcard spots at tournaments.
  • Grand Final

  • TH, as the Canadians, W make WUDC a CP tournament
  • Semifinals

  • TH, as Bilbao, W abolish the policy of only purchasing and recruiting players from the Basque Country
  • Round 6

  • THW cheat on family game night
  • Round 5

  • THS parents letting their young children win at games
  • Round 4

  • THW replace presidential term limits with presidential expiration dates
  • Round 3

  • THW denounce the existing translation and commission another one more in the style in which you wrote it
  • Round 2

  • TH, as the Chief, W transition the tribe from nomadic hunter gatherers to sedentary farmers.
  • Round 1

  • THW replace 51% of all parliamentary seats with citizens chosen at random. These citizens would be replaced every election, they cannot opt out